Today the kids took part in the “Serrano Relay Challenge” during their PE time. After finishing their laps (yes, these little ones are already practicing endurance running), the kids gathered around the portable whiteboard to learn about their challenge. Together they “read” their instructions that were listed with words and pictures: 10 jumping jacks, 10 back-and-forth swings on the playground, 10 squats… They were so excited! They each completed all the activities and proudly wore their “I completed the Serrano Relay Challenge” stickers. From reading the whiteboard to developing their physical skills, I enjoyed seeing all the ways they are learning from one simple experience.

The way they cheered one another on was absolutely heart warming. These kids are learning to be a family to one another and care for each other. It’s not about who can finish first but that they are working together as a team, encouraging one another in the journey to be the best that they can be.

It was great to see how this activity was then taken a step further into the classroom. The kids developed a story around the Serrano Relay Challenge and wrote it out in their own words. It was an epic day and something they still talk about.

I had no idea how much this school would impact a students life with their intentional activities and well thought-out curriculum. Daily they are making a difference by thinking outside of the box and making learning a truly enjoyable experience.

I’m thrilled to have our son at a school that values character and personal development; a school that cares about his well being and is teaching him how to be a future man of integrity. Thank you Ignite Academy for all that you do to invest in our children!

A happy Ignite momma,

Sarah Malanowski, author