There was a day I was so sure I would homeschool our son. I knew the kind of teaching I wanted him to experience and the environment I wanted to see him flourish in. However, it became clear that I did not have the time to invest in his education like I should. So what do you do when a homeschooling atmosphere is what you want but can’t give?

I turned to Ignite Academy. I was thrilled that they were creating an environment where our son could thrive and develop his character. A place that isn’t just concerned about his education, but teaching him how to thrive in life. It’s a school that could bridge the gap between home and school; a school that cares about integrity, strength of character, and gives goals for his personal development.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of having our son at Ignite. He is so excited to go to school. In fact, half way through the Christmas break he cried because he thought he was going back to school on Monday, but he still had another week at home. It thrills my heart daily to see Zion thrive and look forward to his school days.

There’s truly no better fit that I can think of for our son. He loves Mrs. Corteo and I see she loves him. She’s not just doing a typical school day with him. She’s investing in him and encouraging him to be all that he can be. It’s a beautiful thing!

A happy Ignite momma,

Sarah Malanowski, author