Affording Ignite Academy

What goals do you have for your child when he or she is 40 years old (we know it is hard to picture now, but give it a shot)? If you are like us, we want our kids to grow up to be healthy adults, passionate about their careers, strong in their faith, financially sound, surrounded by a strong community, leaders of their families, and so much more. These are the same goals we had in mind when we created Ignite Academy. We strive to do more than just prepare kids for college; we want to prepare our learners to thrive for life. In addition to having a bigger vision for our learners beyond college, each Ignite learner reaps the benefits of:

    • Being immersed in real health throughout each school day
    • Being valued as a child of God, not just another test score
    • Learning healthy habits that will last a lifetime, rather than just good test taking skills
    • Having a deep love for learning that inspires future growth beyond classroom walls
    • Expressing their unique gifts, rather than being made to fit a specific academic mold

Since this type of education from Ignite Academy can literally TRANSFORM your child’s life, it takes an investment from you. It is an investment of time, money, and energy to give your child this type of education. Please check out the Scholarship Information Tab for more information on the state scholarship program including how to obtain a scholarship to help pay for tuition. 

Do not miss out on this opportunity to send your child to Ignite Academy. There are limited spots available for the 2024-2025 school year. So take action now!


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