How is Ignite Academy dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?
We have transitioned to a remote learning school until it is safe to return to a normal school process. We have also adjusted our regular school
tours to a new virtual school tour process. Our goal through this pandemic is to serve our families, potential families, and our community to the
best of our ability. 


What grade levels will Ignite Academy enroll for the 2020 – 2021 school year?
We will enroll kindergarten through 3rd grade for 20-21.


Is Ignite Academy adding grade levels beyond 3rd grade?
We are adding one additional grade level each school year to grow with our oldest kids. We will eventually go through 8th grade.


Is Ignite Academy a private school?
We are a private, Christian school.


Does a family have to be of the Christian faith to attend Ignite Academy?
No, we accept families of different religious backgrounds. However, all staff and board members are of the Christian faith and sign a statement of faith.


Is Ignite Academy a full-time school?
Our kids attend school from 8:45 am – 3:15 pm every day. Our days off from school are typically in alignment with Pinellas County Schools.


What is Ignite Academy’s educational model (ie. Classical Education, Flipped Education, Project-based Learning, Montessori)?
We do not adhere to a single educational approach. Our learning time focuses on a) laying a solid, balanced foundation for all major disciplines including: the arts, humanities, language arts, mathematics, physical education, and science and b) providing learners with a context to explore and experience how these disciplines interact in real life scenarios. Our educators consist of a team of professional teachers, parents, and mentors who consistently look for innovative ways to help our learners increase their faith, health, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, character, community and citizenship, and productivity.


What are the qualifications of Ignite Academy’s teachers?
All our teachers must have a bachelor’s degree and all classroom teachers have a valid teaching certificate.


How much is tuition at Ignite Academy?
We offer a variable tuition program. In this program the tuition can vary from family to family based on several factors. The range for tuition is from $500/year to $8,000/year with the average family paying $3,900/year out of pocket for tuition.