Investing in kids, our community, and our future

By donating to Ignite Academy you are investing in the life of a child and investing in the future of our community. The statistics regarding the health of our youth are staggering.  At the rate things are going, many are losing hope in this next generation and are doubtful in their ability to lead their future families, businesses, and communities.

Ignite Academy’s vision can make an impact and change that trajectory.  Our learners will be the teachers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, pastors, business owners, and leaders of tomorrow. Here are ways that your investment will make a difference for our local children, families, and community:

    • Every year, Ignite Academy has the privilege of working with each learner for over 1,000 hours.  Your contribution helps us provide scholarships, curriculum, nutritious foods, supplies for special classroom projects, and so much more!
    • With your contribution, we are able to extend our impact into our community and reach hundreds of families beyond our school’s doors.  With your support we are able to host free parent workshops and family events that provide the information, support, and resources to help every family thrive.
    • Your support of Ignite Academy helps us to increase the size of our school to serve more learners and their families which will have a larger impact on our community.

Hear from one of our dad’s about the impact Ignite Academy has had on his son.

Make an investment now into a child, a family, and our community!