Florida’s K-12 Scholarship Program

The state of Florida has one the most extensive scholarship programs in the country to help families pay for private school tuition. Florida is also in the process of expanding their scholarship program to serve more families. Below is some information on the state scholarship program:

    • Who qualifies for a state scholarship?
        • Children who have an IEP, 504, or qualified disability
        • Children who’s family income is below 400% of the federal poverty limit (family of 4 limit is approximately $110,000)
        • Foster children
        • Children of military families
        • Children who are bullied
        • And more
    • How much money is the scholarship worth?
        • The average scholarship is in the range of $6,500-$7,500 per school year for each qualified child
    • How long does the scholarship last?
        • Once your child receives a scholarship, they will get to keep the scholarship for the remainder of their K-12 education as long as you abide by all scholarship guidelines.
    • How do I apply for a scholarship?

Find out now if you potentially qualify for a state scholarship by taking this free scholarship survey: