Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What grade levels will Ignite Academy enroll for the 2019 – 2020 school year?
Answer: Ignite Academy will enroll kindergarten through second grade.

Question: Is Ignite Academy a private school?
Answer: Yes, Ignite Academy is a private school. (That way we can think out of the box and create the best school for your child.)

Question: Is Ignite Academy a full-time school?
Answer: Kids get to come Monday-Friday for a 6-hour day, but don’t worry, they won’t be sitting at desks all day. (We try to line up our calendar with a typical Pinellas County school calendar year in case you have kiddos going to different schools)

Question: How is Ignite Academy different from other schools?
Answer: Because we are focused on helping kids thrive rather than just imparting knowledge, our school is an environment where students and family are equipped to live well. To accomplish this we have a three-part approach: 1. We connect kids with their bigger purpose and help them to live out their stories with passion and faith. 2. We help learners build physical, mental, and spiritual health, by developing daily habits and disciplines that will last a lifetime. 3.We strengthen the parents and family who support the learner and give them the resources they need for the journey of raising a world-changer.

Question: What is your educational model (ie. Classical Education, Flipped Education, Project-based Learning, Montessori)?
Answer: We do not adhere to a single educational approach. Our learning time focuses on a) laying a solid, balanced foundation for all major disciplines including: the arts, humanities, language arts, mathematics, physical education, and science and b) providing learners with a context to explore and experience how these disciplines interact in real life scenarios. Our educators consist of a team of professional teachers, parents, and mentors who consistently look for innovative ways to help our learners increase their faith, health, curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, character, community and citizenship, and productivity.

Question: What are the qualifications of your teachers?
Answer: All teachers at Ignite Academy must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Question: How much is tuition at Ignite Academy?
Answer: Please go to the enrollment tab to view the most up-to-date tuition and fees sheet.

Question: Will there be any type of financial aid available to help reduce the cost of tuition?
Answer: Yes, we accept all state scholarships (McKay, Gardiner, Step Up for Students, Hope).

Question: Does the Ignite Academy have any type of religious affiliation?
Answer: Ignite Academy is a Christian school, which means we have a deep love for our community and serving our neighbors. You do not have to have a certain religious affiliation to attend.

Question: Where is Ignite Academy located?
Answer: We are located within the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection at:
1555 Windmill Pointe Rd, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

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1555 Windmill Pointe Rd
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