Strawberry Cupcakes, Activities, and more

What a crazy end to the 19-20 school year. At the beginning of the school year, no one could have predicted that schools across the country would end the year doing remote learning. We know it was a challenge for our school and families as we are sure it was for you too. However, we made it!!

So as we transition into summer break, take a moment to celebrate all of your child’s hard work and all of your hard work. Do something fun with your child to celebrate the fact that you persevered and finished the school year.

One fun thing you can do to celebrate is to make a fun meal or desert. As part of our Cook’s Corner program at Ignite Academy, we have a healthy strawberry cupcake recipe that you can make with your child. In addition, this strawberry resources sheet also has information and fun activities for strawberries.

We hope that you have a great start to the summer break and celebrate all of the hard work that went into finishing this school year!

Strawberry Resources