Minimizing Risk, Maximizing Education

We know that you, like many other parents, are worried about the COVID-19 plans schools are creating for this coming school year. You are worried not only about the potential risk to your child, you are also worried about the negative impact of these plans on your child’s education.

So if you are looking for a school that can minimize the risk to your child, while also maximizing their education, look no further than Ignite Academy. Unlike many other schools that are managing busing routes, enrollment in the hundreds, district requirements, state-mandated testing, and large institution-sized facilities, we have the unique opportunity to make decisions as a local school for our own community of learners. We have you and your family’s interests at heart when we created our COVID-19 policy plan.

You can send your child to a school that has a max class size of 10 kids per classroom. This not only helps to minimize the risk of getting COVID-19, but also maximizes your child’s education as they will get more individualized attention and support from their teacher. You also do not have to worry about your work schedule as we will have kids in classrooms 5 days/week.

With our max class size of 10 kids per class, there are only limited spots in each grade level (enrolling K-3rd). So download and read our full COVID-19 plan (COVID-19 Plan for 20-21) then click the following link to schedule your virtual tour of Ignite Academy (Schedule virtual tour).

Take this opportunity to make an investment into your child’s education, health, and future!