Healthy Foods and Recipes-Blueberries and Artichokes

Eating healthy foods not only supports our immune system, it supports our brain. As we eat healthy foods, it helps us to focus and have energy to complete our work. That is why at Ignite Academy we have a Cook’s Corner program where our kids learn about a new healthy food each week. We want our learners to know about and eat foods that support their growth, development, and learning.

Through this program our learners have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about the food, how it grows, try it raw (if appropriate), and try it in a recipe. Our learners have tried squash, cauliflower, broccoli, pears, chia seeds, almonds, and so much more. They love learning about and trying new foods each week

Last week our food of the week was blueberries and this week it is artichokes. Below you can download the sheets for each food item. On the sheet you will find interesting facts, how the food grows, activities, and a recipe. While we are all spending more time at home during COVID-19, it is a perfect time for families to make some new recipes together.

Blueberry Information and Recipe

Artichoke Information and Recipe