Ebenezer Jar

I am sure the first thing you are thinking is, “What is an Ebenezer?” An Ebenezer is, “a commemoration of divine assistance” (Merriam Webster). So an Ebenezer jar is a way to help remember the goodness of God during times in your life.

In the Old Testament we read stories about how God would rescue and bless the Israelites. To help remember God’s faithfulness, a memorial would be built. The purpose of the memorial was not just for the current Israelites to remember God’s faithfulness, but also for it to be a way to help the children and future generations of Israelites to learn about the goodness of God.

Our prayer is that you will use this activity sheet (download below) to create a “memorial” for your family that will be used throughout the years to help the entire family remember the faithfulness of God in your lives.

Ebenezer Jar

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