Making Family Moments Bingo Board

Want to change things up at home, try out our Making Family Moments Bingo board. The bingo spaces include such activities as a family dance party, room design challenge, create your own ice cream shop, sleeping in a tent, and so much more.

This bingo board will be a great way to create lasting memories with your kids. You can start by trying to get 5 in a row on the bingo board. Once you accomplish this, your family can then go for a second bingo or even conquering the entire bingo board.

Alternatively, you can use this bingo board to create a “moments box.” Simply cut out all the squares from the bingo board and place them into a box (or jar). When you want a fresh family activity idea, just draw an activity from the box (just no putting back an activity you don’t like though!).

As you complete the activities on the bingo board, we would love for you to share them out with the hashtag #ignitefamilymoments. It would be amazing to see as a community how many amazing family moments we can create!

Making Family Moments Bingo Board


Also, you can check out our virtual Making Family Moments workshop. Hear about some of the fun and exciting ways the Serrano’s make family moments with their 4 kids along with why making family moments is so important to them.