Creating a Schedule with Your Child

Whether it is during the school year, summer break, or during the craziness of remote learning due to COVID-19, kids are most successful when they have a routine and schedule. Having a schedule helps to reduce anxiety from the unknown, prepare them mentally for their day, and allows them to fall into a routine that can be repeated daily.

Schedules not only help kids to be more successful, it helps make the day smoother for the parents because you aren’t constantly hearing things like: What is next? When do I get to eat? When do we get to take a break? Unfortunately, it will not make the day perfect, but a consistent schedule that is visual, will make the day smoother for both parent and child.

The PDF below will allow you to create a child-friendly, visual schedule to help your child thrive. The PDF is editable and you can work on creating this schedule with your child. You can help to lead and guide your child in creating a schedule that they not only understand, but will be able to take ownership in because they helped to create it.

The Ignite Academy Schedule Maker was designed for this remote learning season, but you can use it for the upcoming summer break, weekend schedules, and a regular school day schedule. So we pray this resource will help to make not only your child’s day run smoother, but your day run smoother too.

Ignite Academy Schedule Maker